Heather Lynn Nay
Board Member

Heather Nay is a parent at Strong Start Academy Elementary School. She is a stay-at-home mother of two children. Her son, Julian, 5, attends the school and her daughter, Adely, 1, will attend thepreschool when she is of age.

Heather grew up in Las Vegas and attended school here. She and her fiancé, Miguel, work hard to provide a positive education for their two children. Heather has been actively involved in Julian’s education and plans to continue supporting the Academy while her son and daughter attend.

Heather and her family enjoy cooking and spending time together. They spend time at the baseball park playing. They value their time together and work hard to provide positive experiences for the kids.

Heather looks forward to working with the school, being active in her children’s education, and setting the pace for parental involvement within the school and community.