Alee Moore, Ph.D.
Board Member

Alee Moore, Ph.D. is the Director of Capacity Building at Nevada GrantLab. As a licensed, master-level social worker (LMSW), she has worked with women in domestic violence and abuse, children in specialized foster care, and adults in chronic healthcare settings. Much of her career has been spent in higher education, beginning with her role as a coordinator to reduce truancy rates among at-risk middle and high school students. Dr. Moore has served as a social work instructor and a Director of Field Education. She is a co-creator of the Council of Social Work Education’s Curricular Guide for Social Work Licensing and Regulation. Currently, Dr. Moore provides capacity building support to nonprofit organizations by creating learning environments that emphasize specific skills needed to find, win, and effectively administer the federal resources that can transform our communities. She specializes in operationalizing needs assessment data; stakeholder engagement; public policy advocacy; professional development facilitation and training; program development, and competency modeling.